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'the light fantastic' in august man jan '11

that was a beautiful morning with great people.

fashion editor: janie cai
fashion assistant: benedict chin
grooming: keith bryant lee
model: daniel u from ave
fashion intern: jerome lee
photography assistants: derrick ng and daryl ong



using polaroids for proofing is much funner than using an lcd screen


  1. i have a question actually.

    how did you learn about lighting and all the technical shit? i have been struggling to make myself learn those things.

    do you have books that you could recommend? or others.

    it would mean a lot to get advice from you.

    i do appreciate your work a lot, and i just love that you have your own style, and it's very consistent.


  2. hi michael. i don't think there's an end-all book that could help you out with technique but beginner's photography books are good for learning a solid foundation, which i recommend. other tips:

    google is your friend, everything can be found online these days and i feel if you really wanna learn something, you'll find a way to figure it out

    again, a good foundation. i used to 'practice' photographing by watching light. studying different qualities and colors of light and how it would photograph really taught me a lot.

    find inspiration. a friend interviewed me recently and this part never got into the final published one, but i talked a lot about what inspired me these days. you can read it on her tumblr here: http://proofofpassion.tumblr.com/post/2170638829/chuckreyesouttakes

    fully appreciate your kindness.