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managed to squeeze in a test before flying back to manila for the holidays. we shot yesterday morning, i had all the color neg processed later that day, squeezed in the launch of the new al&alicia spring collection, and then processed all the black and white when i got home. was just able finish scanning all my selects an hour before i went to the airport, where i'm writing this now.

it all didn't all go without its fuckups though. stupidly enough i mistook a loaded developing tank with an empty one and opened it, only to get slapped in the face with the sight of an already loaded reel. the split second it took for my brain to realize this and close the lid was enough to complete ruin that roll. good thing it was the last roll i shot that day, just extra stuff. really eager to start working on the images though, i wonder if i could finish them all on the 3 hour flight back home.


5am in manila edit

was i able to finish them all on the plane? no

was i able to save an image from the accidentally exposed roll? yes

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