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a portrait of jasmine tuan from a previous shoot. the top one's up on her facebook now so i thought it would be nice to put it up here too


jasmine, quincy, and the blackmarket crew also just opened their second store at orchard central. they're awesome people and i really admire what they do, so when i get back i'll be sure to check it out. congratulations guys, great way to start the new year!


  1. Man, I love your work. Do you ever use lighting equipment?

  2. thanks clement. i haven't really been using much lighting equipment (unless you count small on-camera flashes) and i try to work with sunlight as much as possible, like these pictures of jasmine was just light from a window. now that i'm working with a great studio though i'm starting to dabble and i've come realize how great profoto equipment really is

  3. That's great, after looking through your blog i'm seriously thinking of taking photography for my next sem! I've always wanted to try developing photos on my own, but then afraid i'd ruin my film on my first try haha. Do you have your own darkroom/bathroom thing going on?

  4. a black and white photography class is definitely a great way to start. it's actually really fun if you get into it, and don't worry about ruining film, one or two messed up rolls in the beginning is normal. i don't do darkroom printing at home so what i have is just the tanks and chemicals for processing black and white film. it's super easy to get set up and it ends up being cheaper than sending it to a lab

  5. Nice! A pretty psyched to try it out now, thanks chuck.