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been shooting a lot of these kinds b&w pictures for a while now, not really sure where they're leading but i figured i'll keep doing it and it should lead somewhere. i like some of them, i don't like others. what i universally like though is this film i've been using, which is a pretty recent discovery for me. it's ilford pan 400, and it reminds me of i always imagined tri-x ought to be--not too contrasty, subtle greys, beautiful grain. i always found new tri-x to be too, for the lack of a better term, modern; so it's funny to find out that this pan 400 is actually from the end bits of ilford hp5+, the parts that the factory would think wouldn't be as consistent with the rest of the batch. so they cut em out, slap a new label on it, and market it in weird, unsavory places like "south-east asia" and "eastern europe." which is great for me because they also make it pretty fucking cheap. and that grain, just love it. it's like i'm shooting old film from the 60's, like david bailey in new york. it might as well say 'kodak safety film' on my contact sheets. aww yeah.

here i am talking technique instead of content, again. bah.

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