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i was bored the other night on my computer and took a look at this recent shoot i did with hana just the other week. it's definitely one of my more editorial tests, and everyone i talk to about it seems to really enjoy these photographs, as do i. people have different reasons, and sometimes i like to try and figure out why i like them, what about them are visually successful to me, and what i can keep in mind and store in my brain for the future.

so i was looking at these pictures and i tried to analyze what it is about them as a whole that made me like them, aesthetically, compositionally, referentially. and i'm looking at them, and i started noticing compositional decisions that i've made and how they affect individual photographs, and the series as a whole--the tilting, the cropping, the posing i asked hana to do. and i start seeing lots of angles, acute angles and obtuse angles, lots and lots of triangles. i thought i was onto something, so i bust out the photoshop paintbrush and start drawing. in an appropriate shade of hot pink, no less.


ok to be fair some of these are subjective, but a lot are very, very suggestive, and most are plain as day. i went on and found 3 triangles per photo, though i know there are more. it's harder to see them all tiny here but if you look at the original ones, they're there. i guess it's not such an obvious thing when you're trying to appreciate the clothes or the model or the location but i think, to me, these are what make the photographs more interesting. and i like that.

a complete waste of time, or a huge learning experience. whatever, it was fun.


  1. great series, I love it ! too quirky.

  2. this is brilliant, totally inspiring!