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had such a great time shooting hana last thursday, she was just the cutest, bubbliest girl. me and sam wanted to do something fun and light so she picked out some fun clothes and joie gave her some pink lips and we just romped around a cafe above the coziest little furniture shop. all in all not a bad way to spend an afternoon.

hair and makeup: joie leong
model: hana sigutova at upfront
clothes: green and orange dresses, beige top, silver bracelet, gold earrings from soon lee; vintage tropical pattern dress, vintage pink floral dress, glasses, rings from ohm mani
location: cafe fables and bar stories, above a thousand tales


sam also finished up a pack of old polaroid film, which turned out awesome of course. check it out on her blog here.


shoutouts to joie, fahmy from a thousand tales, g wan from soon lee, and qq from ohm mani for all the help!


  1. these photos are gorgeous~!!love the second one the best~!

    feel free to stop by =)


  2. was just wondering.
    what kind of camera did you use for the shoot above.
    i am also strongly passionate about photography, which has taunted my lately.
    anyways, i think your photographs have you sense of style.
    i love a lot of what you do.

  3. thanks guys.

    M., the camera i used is a pentax 67 medium format film camera and just a regular nikon flash. it's such a simple setup though, you can literally use any camera, point and shoots, dslrs with the little flash on top, to get that look. it's all about the interaction between the photographer and the model.

    unless of course you meant the polaroid, in which case it's any old polaroid camera that takes 600 film, and just a really old expired pack

  4. Hi chuck awesome photos! Haji Ln I see ;).

    Like the polaroid & love the geeky polaroids from your older posts.
    you rock the indie fash mag style! ;)

    Check out my photog and vids on my blog sometime.