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my friend nat and i have been planning this shoot for a while now, when he called one day asking if i wanted to help him out of a creative funk, to which of course i said yes. he put together some amazing denim pieces and you can really feel the essence of nat's personal style, which anastasia carried wonderfully. we shot in the most beautiful light and, if you can guess the order that we shot everything, you can watch the light change from late afternoon to early evening.

hair and makeup: zid ilias
model: anastasia gonokhova at phantom


  1. liike it a looot

  2. al here, love the secnd photograph chuckkkk, on 90? all 90?? :)

  3. thanks guys, and bb :).

    haha and al, it's actually a good mix of 45 and 90. the ones shot with the 90 are 8, 9, 10, 11, and the last one.

  4. hey chuck where are these taken at!