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for her final year project for school, sam and her her groupmates had to create and market a shoe brand from scratch. everything from designing to manufacturing to the store layout to the ad campaign. naturally they got me to shoot the photos. really really love how these came out.

art direction: sam potenciano
set design: marshiella apriani
styling: daud gultom
hair and makeup: xara lee
model: olesya pogodina at upfront
photo assistant: derrick ng


those geometric shapes, handmade by marshiella, were a stroke of genius. couldn't have imagined them looking any better than they did.

and olesya was the perfect model for this too, because her legs go on foreeeever. plus they were in amazing shape, i practically didn't touch them in post, and if that's not professional i don't know what is. it's so nice to work with a model again after testing with her, everyone's already familiar and it makes things so much easier the second time around.


  1. thanks for posting this, Chuck! you captured the whole essence of our shoes ; look forward to work with you some other time!

  2. They are reallyyyy cool
    Love the 1st pair



  3. the concept work with the photo = beauty, great call on the sharp lighting really gels with the geometric props!!!