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sleepy b&w

7:59am. sleepy and hungry. black and white processing til sunrise.

6 rolls of 120 take long when you only have two one-roll tanks to use. and you're only processing one roll at a time with a new developer, to stay on the safe side.

apparently hc110 needs more vigorous mixing than tmax developer (duh). that means one roll's a bit thinner than the rest. other than that, they all look pretty good. we'll see how the grain looks once i start scanning.

the only bummer of the night, ripped the end of one frame due to either my rough handling taking the backing paper off the tape, or because it's an 5 year-old expired roll of hp5. or it's a lemon. either way, sorry danielle for ripping through your forehead :(. would've been a nice picture too.

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