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such a versatile look, the kind that'll go from a commercial shoot one day to a fashion ed the next day to a runway the day after that, and own the shit out of all of them. plus she's a sweetheart to boot.

styling: sam potenciano (she took pictures too)
assistant: iasha astari
model: danielle thomas at looque
clothes: proud race, elohim, and rottenfresh from blackmarket


also, photos like dani's are the reason i can't give up shooting film, photos like that second to the last one up there. that's pretty much a straight scan from the negative, a 6x7 frame from an old roll of konica color professional 160 in 220. i think they stopped making that film years ago, but a friend of mine had some to give away so now i have a couple of boxes of the stuff.

life is good.

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