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model: amanda r, upfront models
video & styling: sam potenciano
assistant: bridget tay
some clothes provided by: saturday


shot around my flat in sketchy-ass lavender. used 3 different emulsions (portra vc, tmax, provia 400f), four if you count fujiroid. amanda was amazing, a real trooper and a great face. sam thinks she has a julia roitfeld thing going on, i thought she looked basque/castilian/spanish-whatever, but she's brazilian which is just as awesome.


also, 5am breakthrough, i was able to get a negative from the black backing side of a fp-100c fujiroid (the part i usually just throw away)

super grainy, but it might be because it only uses a 6x7cm area of the whole polaroid. but it has a kind of charm, it looks like a polachrome. anyway, it definitely warrants future experimentation.

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