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mae pang

did a shoot a couple months ago for aimei pang for her label Mae Pang. a whole day of nothing to do finally freed me up to rescanning some negatives and editing.

it's the shoot that goes with this video, which someone pointed out was mistakenly credited to my friend brendan (another awesome photog) on some design/fashion blog

it's actually a video shot and edited by my girlfriend sam, of me shooting anya at the botanical gardens


and here's the rest of it

i wish the last picture better showed how high anya was off the ground. she was so game she literally climbed 10 feet up this rock face, and it didn't help that the only light we had were a couple little flashlights and the moon. that said, i don't think i'll be shooting in complete darkness again anytime soon.

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  1. adore these photos.. you really inspire me to push my photography and i hope someday to be able to do the sort of amazing things you do:)