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my pictures at the mall

a couple of my photographs are hanging up at orchard central for a month-long exhibition of sorts called "Exposure." kudos to them for not putting up the usual nature and landscape and macro-shots-of-insects kind of pictures. it's still your run of the mill 'photos in the mall' deal so it's no monumental feat for me to have work up here, but i really like these pictures so i'm glad they're being shown somewhere to creep out the general public.

i got a stupid haircut before flying back to singapore

a couple of my friends have photographs up too, alvelyn alko and fadli rahman. a good excuse to check out a weirdly designed mall.


here are better jpegs of the photographs. there are couple more in the series but these are the three that are up for the exhibition.





update- hilarious news, it looks like i just got censored. the management of orchard central deemed my photographs too unpleasant to be hung in it's original position--in the front, facing the stage for chinese new year performances--that they moved it all the way to back. what hangs there now is a series of macro shots of dolls hahaha. amazing. their distaste brings me joy.


  1. i visited the exhibit to check fadli's works. and i had an inkling that these photos are from a filipino photographer. the images,people, are filipinos.if i am not mistaken. great photos!

  2. you're half right :). i'm filipino, but the people in the work are friends and acquaintances here in singapore