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the story that never was

an unpublished fashion story i shot a while back on the roof of the old front row at ann siang hill, thought i might as well post it up. sam styled and came up with the awesome title.

styled by sam potenciano
hair and makeup by joie leong
retouching by jacob ring


i actually really like how these turned out. i've been looking at alot of alisdair mclellan and old juergen teller, and then i saw this old shoot and had the sudden urge to buy a couple pentax 67s and just shoot outdoors all day


edit 9.08.2010

stumbled upon this old post, 8 months and 20 days after i posted it. i currently have 4 pentax 67s, one with a polaroid back on it, and a 55, 105, 165, and a 90 leafshutter. hmmm.


  1. These turned out really good! I love the first pair of sunglasses.
    And the outfit with the leather jacket and shorts. Really great outfit.

    'Add some Roitfeld to your life'.

  2. wow, I love how these turned out. I'd wear all the outfits the girls have on out! great photos

  3. Gorgeous! I love everything about them.